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Do you want to make a difference?

Merlin Sponsorship form Blank sponsorship form

Q:  We would like to raise money for charity, how do we do it?

A: You can use the forms below to raise for either of our main charities or both and these can be paid directly to the us or the charities.  If paid directly to the charities then please tell us which one and how much

Q: Can I raise money for a charity of my choice?

A: Yes, you can use our event to raise money for a charity of your choice, please advise the amount you raised and who you raised for

Q: When does the monies need to be paid in?

A: We would like the monies to be paid in by the end of August, so we can give everyone an update of how much we raised through this event

Q: Who do I contact to advise how much has been raised?

A:  Email enquiries@cornishalpinechallenge.org.uk

Cornwall Air Ambulance Sponsorship form